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You could almost say that being a Pro Wrestling fan is as fun as a SUPER KICK PARTY! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a Super Kick is a devastating high side thrust kick. This move is often used in Pro Wrestling now-a-days but used to be reserved as a finisher, mostly made famous by Sean Michaels. It is common now to hear the term Super Kick Party, as a very popular tag team, The Young Bucks, use this move as a go-to when destroying their opponents in the ring. Whether the thrill of a Super Kick, or fast paced in ring action, Pro Wrestling provides an outlet for fans and entertainers alike.

Be a Part of the Buzz

No matter how you choose to participate, the Pro Wrestling Buzz is undeniable. With events popping up all over the world showcasing an amazing host of talent, you should definitely go out and catch Pro Wrestling live! You’re sure to catch a serious case of thrills, chills, and excitement. With massive yearly events, such as WWE’s Annual Wrestlemania, being held in a different venue every year, there are tons of opportunities to catch a major show in person. Events like Wrestlemania showcase an entire week of wrestling related entertainment, and you’ll be sure to meet many of your favorite superstars and amazing fans. Even if you can’t make it to Wrestlemania, companies like the WWE, ROH Wrestling, and Impact Wrestling, just to name a few, are constantly touring from town to town. If you can’t catch a live show, there are plenty of ways to tune into the incredible sport of Pro Wrestling at home.

You Might Just Want to Get in the Ring

Being a fan of Pro Wrestling, one might be quick to want to imitate their favorite in-ring performer. It’s not uncommon for a Pro Wrestling fan to participate in Indie feds, which are smaller often local wrestling organizations. When one is engulfed by the platform that Pro Wrestling provides, many fans want to try it out themselves. Being a Pro Wrestler allows many superstars a platform for their creativity and to perform for the fans. If you aren’t trained PROFESSIONALLY, and want to become a wrestler, please don’t practice on your friends. This also can lead to some pretty crappy at home accidents if not done in a professional environment. So if you want to put your wrestling skills to the test, please contact a local Indie company before you decide to power bomb your best friend through your coffee table. Stick to practicing our poses, entrance, and promos for the time being.

The Fan Community

Even if you aren’t a wrestler yourself, just being a fan is a highly rewarding experience. The Pro Wrestling community is huge and constantly growing. Many of us grew up watching our favorite superstars and are eager to share our experiences with new and old fans alike. I often wear t-shirts depicting my favorite wrestlers, promotions, and factions. It is not uncommon to have people come up to me and just start talking about wrestling. Believe me, if I see you wearing something Pro Wrestling related, I will surely do the same. Being a Pro Wrestling fan puts you smack dab in the middle of such an amazing community, you will want to share it with everybody. Just, again, don’t go putting your boss through a table.

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