Ringside Collectibles and Trinkets

The wrestling world is dominated by ringside collectibles and trinkets, from action figures to t-shirts, and the highly sought after title belts and autographs. Some also collect wrestling gear, which may have been worn by an in ring performer. Many wrestlers also write books and which can be very informative and fun to read, collect, and have signed. The experience behind getting the collectible may just be as exciting as the collectible itself. I’ve personally attended several wrestling events where I’ve been able to interact with the superstars and receive autographs. It’s an amazing feeling to get to meet your favorite stars and have that meeting immortalized. Some fans take pictures with their favorite wrestler and even go as far as getting signatures tattooed onto their body. When it comes to Halloween, it’s not an unfamiliar sight to see several “wrestling superstars” wondering about.

Here is a list of 5 wrestling related items you might not think about.

  1. Christmas Ornaments
  2. Cookbooks (Good Ol’ J.R. wrote several)
  3. Nightlights
  4. Albums performed by wrestlers (John Cena and Jeff Hardy to name a couple)
  5. A potted plant named Mitch(Thanks Dean Amrose)

There are so many kinds of wrestling memorabilia floating around. I once attended a local event as a child where The Big Show, known then as The Giant, used to smoke a cigarette on the way to the ring. He actually threw the butt at me and I managed to saved it for several years, before ultimately losing it somewhere midst my cluttered room.

What kind of ringside collectibles and trinkets do you have? We would love to hear your stories.

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