Mixed Wrestling

Wrestling is an extremely physical sport, though unlike many other contact sports that are dominated by men, the women of wrestling even get their own division. Sometimes, you will see what are referred to as, mixed tag team matches. During a mixed tag team match, a male and female partner are teamed up, but members of each respective gender are only allowed to face each other. This doesn’t always stop that from happening though, as wrestling is full of ways to bend the rules during matches. More so as of late, women are actually being placed into matches with the men. Not just any matches, but women are battling men for some top titles in respected Professional Wrestling organizations. This is mostly notable with the Lucha Underground promotion, which I would highly recommend for that fact as well as their over the top and more sitcom tailored story lines. The fact of the matter is, these women wrestlers are all equally, if not better, than their male counterparts in the ring. If you’re a woman, with the moniker of Professional Wrestler under your belt, you probably didn’t come to the sport because you wanted to pillow fight with other girls. The WWE mainstay however, has yet to offer any regular matches of the sort, while I, as well as many others, look forward to the day this becomes a more regular event. Not since Chyna, a very gifted and athletic female wrestler, managed to win the Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett, has the WWE showcased any direct male vs female bouts on a regular basis. There has been the occasional inter gender match, but it was often a one time ordeal with no women going after any of the main male championships.

So what do you think? Do you liked mixed wrestling and do you think the WWE should have more inter gender matches? Chime in below!

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